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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Auto Surfing on the Web What Are They Not Telling You

Posted by hema

Auto Surfing on the Web- What Are They Not Telling You?Happy Friday to all, I finally had the chance to write this article which I think is quite interesting. I have heard some unfortunate news regarding the concept of auto surfing and wanted to pass it down though the grapevine.First of all let's define what auto surfing is: A paid auto surf program payees you for viewing some websites. You have the option of sitting and viewing the sites or you can leave while the auto surf sites are being shone.How payment works is that you will receive compensation for viewing a certain number of auto surfing sites. But it may average between 30-100 sites. Sites are shown for about 30 seconds, so in essence it could possibly take about 1 hour for you to visualize all the sites.Sounds pretty easy, a sure no brainier. In paid auto surfing sites you receive a percentage, the most successful and stable programs pay 1% for 365 days, which converts to 365% at the end of the year.How do you get paid? They are processed at the beginning or the end depending on which company you are dealing with. Another item is that you can also advertise your sites for free on their auto surfing programs.So what's wrong with this picture? Sounds easy, no recruiting people, but sounds to me like were not getting the whole picture. Right?On Monday, February 27 the Securities and Exchange Commission issued a warning to the public. Beware of paid auto surfing websites, those that promote investors to get paid for viewing online advertisements.There are dozens of these websites, some of them may be legitimate auto surfing websites and others maybe scams.What prompted this change of course? The SEC warns people of the most recent collapse of a website called 12Dailypro.com which promised members a 44% profit in just 12 days. This would equal 1,300% daily.The reality of the auto surf company 12Dailypro.com is that they relied on 95% of their members to pay their fees. This in turn defines the site as a Ponzi scheme. Sorry, that's a whole other subject, but in a nutshell is spells SCAM.In conclusion I would be very careful in becoming involved with these companies. Some obviously are o.k.; one question I would have is their any possibility of making any serious amount of cash?Please pass this information to anyone who may be in an auto surf website. Provided all links and names remain intact.


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